Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Fren!

When we say BEST FRIEND, it means she or he is someone who understands you like no one else.They are like you shadow..always beside you=)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"We're not tall,You're just short"

I'm just gonna crap a bit here~

I just can't think of anything to talk about..Life's just goes on like a gets longer and longer..I feel like life is like a movie with different episodes everyday.I find my "show"very interesting.

I think the episodes i love most is when I'm training with my swimming friends.I actually feel like I'm something when I'm with them..Like it's i finally exists in the story instade of being the side actress.I feel like "hey look..I'm actually in the picture.."

A few of my swimming friends tought me things I've never been or done before..I feel so daring when I'm with them. I learned how to bowled, archery and even skatting. This story just gets better each time.Always something new and exciting..freash and's like living in EDEN for a few minutes..I can't thank you enough to them.Without them I would never learn all this exciting games.

As this movie goes on..without a scrip or director..I feel like writting my own scrip..but hey..nothing goes as how you I'll just follow the flow of this story.My friends are caring and always saying"We're not're just short."..hahaha..I find that insulting at the beginning,but now it's like a funny quote that i'll remember always.

And this story has funny characters..all the characters in my movie are..well..way younger than me..and i mean way younger.They are like 7 to 12 years old kids..I don't know why I prefere kids to be my friends..Maybe it's because kids are always honest on what they say and do..They are like crayons which coloured my life..I was once a lonely crayon which sticks to only one colour..but now..I'm so colourful I feel like challenging the rainbow!!!

The other batch of friends who tought me all those cool games are aged between 14-15..I find them easy to talk too..and also..ah well..nevermind.That episode will not be's a secret~

But for the current episode of my life..One of my friend has a secret admirer..I find it interesting for me to watch..By the way,all of my 3friends are guys.It's like the girl is crazy about him..she keeps taking photos of him..i find it..well..scary i suppose.

I don't have to worry about falling for one of them because all of them are younger then me..hahahaha..I guess that's the GOOD part of having younger freinds?Or do you think I'm just a lonely,ugly and short girl who can't find friends her age?oh well..this is my MOVIE!and I shall have fun acting in it everyday..I haven't talked about the "BOOOO" side yet..that's why I sounds so dreamy..wait till you read about the "BOOOO" part..
I think I've talked write enough for now..Episode..uhhh...1000000+ END?;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

tecnology:evil or good?part1 -the evil-

I wonder what have human now become with all the tecnology to simplifly our daily chors..

In the olden days,people had to carry buckets of water from deep wells just to cook,bath and water plants..but nowday all we have to do is just turn a simple small head to see water flowing out clean and easily.Yet some people complain of bathing..brushing their teeth and so on.

Back in my gradma days,I was told that they used charcoal to make their teeth clean.Charcoal has many cooking,curing diaroehea and art.What has tecnology done to us?

Monday, November 1, 2010


Nyaaa!!PMR is over!But I still have japanese exam!!urgh!It's been so long since I've blog..My feelings are over flowing!!So here's like 3%of what happened when I was studying for my exams..lotsa funny moments!

Some letter printed beans I bought from Cameron it's all over my window.This was taken months ago.


Caught Tiger sleeping outside the house under out gardern chair..he's rather a big sleepy head.

My awesome new friends,we got the 2nd floor.Sooooo LUCKY!Everthing we needed was on our floor..wahahhahah!*Starting from left,Brother Kyle,father John,tiny me..,Emo uncle,Sex rehab uncle(long story,hahaa),cousin Kung Fu panda=)

Charity work few months ago.It was by the Interact club.Altough I'm not in the club I requested to join them.yay!This was one of the most horrible drawing at the children's ward..Some other school did it..We named it "Terminator Bob"because of the red eye.

Tiger gave birth to one fat puppy this year..I named him Copper.After we found a great owner for him,they named it Mocca=.=..ahhaahh such a "yummy" name.Copper just lives a few blocks away from me,so every evening after jogging I would pay him a visit.

A few of my swimming they're all in the pro group.

Me and my best friend on the beach<3>

Tigger was even more excited to lick and taste the hamster compared with Tiger.

A dead sparrow found lying cold and stif in my gardern.The inside was eaten by flies..poor birdie..I then burried it outside my house.

Tiger and my dog Tigger eyeing on my siblings day care center pet hamster when I let in onto the grass to play.(Don't worry,it's in a cage)And Tiger is a very obidiant fellow.He didn't went chasing it.

Now this was rather funny,we didn't adopted this stray adopted us.My siblings call is Tiger,I wanted to name it Leo..Oh well..Tiger just suddenly came into our house one day and surprisingly my dog didn't chase it..totally akward.

I have no idea what was going through my head when we took this picture..>.>

After the dance..

*Hyaaa!!!*Our *wanna fight with me pose*Those in red happi(and one blue one wearing spects are our senpai(seniors)only me and the other 2 are kohai..(junior)=)

My japanese dance group..proudly representing our school for many many ocasions.Natsu didn't even weight 1kg when I first brought it it's like 1.3kg..0.o..And I found a great owner for him right after he re-covered..

Sometimes I think Natsu misses his mummy or something=(

He love's the camera..=)

NATSU:This is my life....

A kitten I found lost and left by it's mom in school in July..Looks like my dog love it..and it love it too<3it>

My first taste of winning a voucher.

Before leaving for prefect's camp..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bad Health..=(

Argh..this month I'm not doing so well..having all sorts of sickness..fever,cough, name it,I have it..=.=..Now I'm even having tooth ache.Argh!!Ah ya..I have a lot of photos to up load..but I don't have the time.

I have two new family members now..two black gold fish..they're really small..can't wait to see them grow..with tender love and care..I shall make them grow..Wahahahah!!!*evil lightning strikes*

The Raya Holidays are's two weeks.I can't wait for it.Have to get back on my running track since I've skipped jogging for 3weeks due to all sorts of sickness(I had fever for 3days and couldn't wallk)Oh ya!!I had nightmares for 4days straight it was something about me trying to run to the bus stop,But my feets couldn't move.It's call guilty dreams for me..>.
That's all the time I have for now.Can't wait for the holidays,studying too much is a horrible feeling..but once the results come'll LOVE it!Night!!<3

Saturday, July 3, 2010

All I need now..
Is an ear..
That listens..
That feels..
That understands...

This heavy and gloomy feeling...
Is like a storm is coming...
All alone..and no one to be with..
Its alway been like this..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flavours of Life..Part 1:Colours...

Ah's been quite a while since i've been blogging..been busy with camps,sports and studies..there's probelly no "me time" in my life anymore..the only me time is when everyone is asleep..that is..3am in the morning..=.=..

It's been really stress and I've not touched my sketch book for like a month!I'm really angry for not drawing because I know if I don't practice I'll surely get worst..

I really love Colours and just looking at them makes my emotion change..=).Flowers can just do the trick..It's natural and also a beautiful sight..This flowers were all taken on my way to my daily jog..It's almost unbeliveable how many things you can actually see if you really open your eyes..

In real life,this yellow flower tree was beautiful because in Malaysia you don't really get to see so much flower on one tree..>.>..normally it would be all leaves becase here we don't have things called seasons..It's hot all year through..=)

I was too short>.< was hard for me to take a close up picture of the pretty yellow flowers..

Normally I wouldn't get to see this soft gentle pink flowers on the tree becase by morning or when it rains in the morning they'll all drop..Luckly that time when i was on my way to jogging I choose to go in the morning(I think it was a Sunday)I manage to spot a few hanging from a tree..(that was also considered tall for me...T.T)..This is the nearest I could get..

This one just drop..

Weirdly after the flowers had drop it besomes a fruit in just 2weeks!But i guess you can't eat them..
Sometimes we don't look around us and miss out the most wonderful part of this flower..Everyday people step on it not even bothering on what they step..I once look down and saw this tiny flowers on the ground..It's so cute!It's like i wanna pick them!BUT!we must not..let them be..and the place shall be even more beautiful!!!=D
Really small dendilion..I heard in cold couuntries they're much bigger..oww...I've seen yellow one before..but nowdays it's really rare in Malaysia..Ahh..where have our beautiful flowers gone?!All this pollution is making mother nature harder to breath..even now using the computer is harming the earth..therefor I only use it once in a blue moon..SAVE EARTH!=)
A part of a flower that has drop from a huge tree!!It's really hard to notice this guys in the tree because it's full of leaves..But how nice if I could find myself a dress with this exact kind of colour..=) slowly changing to white..

Ok,this one was taken in my school..I'm not suppose to bring my camera to school but who long as I don't use it in public then I'm safe..My newest design of hairbands..I love wearing small hair pins and I usually design my own..making your own thing makes you more confident..=D.This are just buttons and a hot glue gun with a simple hairband all put together..sometimes when I'm free I'll make extra and give it as presents or even sell it in school..(But now "me" and "free timedon't go together..>.>.That's the end of Part 1:Colours..=)I don't know when I'll be posting part2..but my mid-terms are time to date those books!chao!=)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet Sunday!/Animal abuse

Here's my cousin's cat named Sunday=)..well..because It was adopted on Sunday I guess..>.> loves bitting people's leg..=.=...

Story 2:

Recently I went to a pet shop and it was the most heart breaking place I've ever seen!This chicks were put into small cages where they had to step on each other and the cages were stack on top of one another.Some did not have the trey down there to collect the poop..Imagine you in a cage and people above you peeing on you..If you see this kind of shops..PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANY PET FROM IT!you're supporting animal abuse!I'll try to take some pictures to proof my story soon.END.