Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Recently found two catterpillars on my lime tree..so instede of killing it..Why not keep it till it becomes a butterfly?=)

Quite addorable..I wanted to take a few photos straight away..bus was busy..so the next day I noticed that one of them had become a cocoon.>.>..so late..while the other one was still down there munching on some lime leaves I gave yesterday=)
This was the one who was munching away..freshly picked lime leaves..=)
And this was the one..sleeping...XD..looks eerie..>.>..when i stare at it too long I'll have an eerie feeling..>.>..This was a green colour catepillar..There was once where I lost this black little fellow..And a few days later I found it back..XD..and so..I was feeding it non stop..and was waiting for the cocoon to hatch..but so far..na-da..=(..Days past as I looked at it..I noticed that Little Black has change from black to..Yellow!!!It's amazing!!I've never seen anything like this before..so it's quite exciting!!(for me of course..>.>..)Well..I guess I learned something new..=)...Anyway..I hope Mingfei could tell me the name of the catepillars=)..please and thank you;)


  1. WOW!!! God job!!!
    I could not recognize the exact species but I know it's a kind of swallowtail butterfly of Papilio Family.
    I also have found some catterpillars of Papilio machaon on carrot leaves recently. But only one of them transformed to a cocoon (others were all missed). I don't know when the butterfly will emerge. Maybe I have to wait until next spring. But yours may come out only in one or two weeks because it's always warm in Malysia. Take good care of them and do remember to take photos of their new lives!

  2. And I have posted my caterpillars to my blog in response, just move and have a look!

  3. Thanks Mingfei!!Your the best!!;)..I'll be waiting for the day my caterpillars become beautiful butterflies!!!=).(can't wait>.>..)